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El Torro The Blade Of Justice
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ADWEA Leadership Retreat 2012

10-11 April 2012

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Abu Dhabi Comedy Festival
Romeo & Juliet Theater show
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

6 November 2011

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Doha park Circus
Mongolian Circus
Wang Jackson Live concert
Sleeping Beauty Theater show
Egyptian European Circus
International Women's Day
Cinderella & the Magic Slipper
Lamasat Khalijia Abaya Show
Bonjour la France Exhibition
Aladdin & The Magic Lamp
Elegant Night Fashion Show

19 March 2009

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Egyptian Real Estate Exhibition
AD Health Investment Conference
Pinocchio Theater Show

14-19 October 2012

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AD Stand Up Comedy Festival

20 December 2012

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Snow white and the seven dwarfs

24 Feb - 2 March 2013

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Adventure Of TARZAN

06 - 12 October 2013

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We can create and manage your Internet Strategy, Brands, business or campaigns from A to Z.


Services we offer

ServicesEvents Management

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Sky Events manageemnt is a full-service event production company specializing in crating unique and highly personalized events. We can handle all of your event needs, from themed décor, floral

, specialty linens, A/V services and lighting,From design and management, logistics to execution, we are attentive to every detail. Your company is one-of-a-kind and your event should be as well.

A few of the service we provide:

  • Event Production..............................
  • Cultural Weddings..........................
  • Wedding Decor / Flowers...............
  • Centerpieces....................................
  • Themed Decor/Lighting..................
  • Corporate/Private Events...............
  • Event Coordination..........................

ServicesAnalytics & Optimization

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ServicesWeb Services

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Your website is your eyes and ears to the world. Without it, you’re blind to the countless opportunities flying past, and your target audience is also blind to your offerings. To them, you don’t exist.

Most websites in the region end up as mere statistics, ignored and forgotten. We ensure that your site doesn’t fall into the same trap by covering the three main components of web development: the very latest cutting-edge technology, world class visually-stimulating design and a watertight content strategy.

ServicesAdvertising & Branding

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How to run an efficient advertising campaign to achieve the best results but staying within the budget?

will be happy to answer on this question! We can offer you wide range of advertising media and advertising in UAE based on complex media planning and market research. It will be tailored per your needs taking into attention local market specifics, your marketing strategy and competitive analyses. Advertising campaigns can be based on your marketing plans or performed accordingly to our marketing research or surveys.Brief list of advertising services in Emirates we can offer:

  • Direct marketing & post mailing
  • E-mail & Fax advertising
  • SMS advertising
  • Online media advertising
  • Consumer Promotional Campaigns Planning & Execution

ServicesConsulting & Strategy

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If you think your brand doesn’t need a Consulting strategy, then your brand shouldn’t exist. Search has become the #1 digital component and online is the new offline. It can be a nightmare....

for you to keep pace with the ever-changing digital trends.But that’s where we come in; because we don’t follow trends - we SET them!

ServicesSocial Media

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Never underestimate word of mouth. And never underestimate our ability to get thousands of people raving about your product and recommending it to every man and his pets.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or, it all begins with content. And content begins with us. Our team not only sets up your account, but guarantees the right target audience with the right tools.


  • 24 February-2 March/2012 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

  • 20/12/2012 Abu Dhabi Stand Up Comedy Festival

  • 14-19/10/2012 Pinocchio Theatre Performance

  • 1/3/2012 Abu Dhabi International Comedy Festival

  • 15/2/2012 Romeo & Juliet Musical Theater show

  • 25/10/2011 Doha park Circus News

  • 5/04/2011 Mongolian Circus News

  • 22/01/2011 Wang jackson concert News

  • 30/10/2010 Sleeping Beauty News

  • 14/04/2010 Egyptian European Circus

  • 13/03/2010 International Women's Day

  • 15/02/2010 Cinderella & the Magic Slipper

Abu Dhabi International Comedy Festival

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Romeo & Juliet Musical Theater show

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Doha Park Circus News

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Mongolian Circus News

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Wang jackson concert news

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5 6 7 8

Sleeping Beauty News

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Egyptian European Circus

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5 6 7 8

International Women's Day


Cinderella & the Magic Slipper

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5 6 7 8


Our skills

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Sky Events Vision

Our vision is to deliver what everyone is seeking, whether they know or just simply or just simply think it. With the great privilege of working in many different countries and with many different cultures, we have the knowledge required to put a smile on your event.

  • How we do it !
  • we love idea.
  • we believe in simplicity.
  • we satisfy our contant dissatisfaction.
  • our designs allow flexibility, creativity,and simplicity

We Care About:

- The Entire:

  • We are dedicated to build an events that is centered on friendly and co-oprating practices.

- Brand Experience:

  • We enjoy creating complete events and brand identity companies.Our designs allow concept for your identity.

- Concepts:

  • Brand storming is where we come up with the unique ideas to begin creating your event or company's identity..


We Bring Events to Life

we create what you are looking for. A complete vision! Watch your dream event being brought to reality by the best of experts and managers. We create an ambiance which suits you the best and makes the extravaganza chic and memorable. Enjoy the best possible management resources with all of its magnitude to find solutions for whatever you are doing or planning. We can create the concept, implement the promotions and produce a successful finish product for you..

  1. Make ideas happen.
  2. Believe in simplicity.
  3. Develop leaders and their teams..







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Contact Us

Sky Events Adress:

Electra - Al Najda St. intersection , ADCP towers, Behind Honda Showroom & Hamra plaza City seasons hotel,

Tower "B", Office No. 601 , Abu Dhabi - U.A.E

Contact Details:

tel Hotline: +97150 337 6 335 ( 24 Hours)

tel BlackBerry PIN: 21C060E4

tel Tel.: +971 2 674 91 99

tel Fax.: +971 2 674 91 98

tel Fax 2: +971 2 633 46 40


tel P.O.Box 126677 Abu Dhabi - UAE

Inquires & Administration :

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Marketing :

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Media & Advertising :

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Accounts Department :

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Sky Circus Agency:

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